The Studio

At Goldsmiths Kauai, we design and create most of our jewelry. The method we use is “lost wax casting”. The original wax carving is melted and “lost” during the process of creating the gold casting. The process begins with a sketch by one of our designers. The inspiration for the design may come from one of our clients, or it may be the vision of the designer. A wave breaking on the beach, or a mountain silhouetted by the setting sun can provide the muse for our next piece. After the sketch is finished, an exact model of the design is carved in wax.

Plumeria pendant waxes

Maile band waxes 

The carved wax is placed into a cylinder which is filled with plaster. After the plaster hardens it is cooked in a kiln. The heat melts the original wax carving completely out of the plaster. A void in the exact shape of the original wax design remains inside the plaster cast, hence the term “lost wax casting." The mold is then filled with molten gold or silver. After it cools the plaster is melted away, revealing the metal casting within.